Bintang Nutricia

Bintang Nutricia

Nutricia believes that every child is a star. Therefore, Nutricia wants to help children become a shining stars. In the process of looking for Bintang, Nutricia launched a CSR initiative called Bintang Nutricia in September 2014. Early Life Nutrition (ELN) became an important point of all activities in this initiative.

In starting Bintang Nutricia, Nutricia collaborated with Indonesia Nutrition Associations (INA), the Marizsa Cordoba Foundation and All School Indonesia (psychologists), and also the Ayo Dongeng Indonesia Community.

For several years, Bintang Nutricia's journey has been through several activities:

1. INA:

  • Nutrition interventions, such as providing education about nutrition and giving fruit to PAUD children.
  • Health status survey in PAUD and provide counseling on ELN and healthy living.

2 Marizsa Cordoba Foundation and All School Indonesia (psychologist):

  • Finger Print Test in PAUD, to measure the learning abilities of each child in PAUD.
  • Develop simulations of verbal linguistics material for students.
  • Bi-monthly Workshop for parents of PAUD students with various themes.
  • Workshop for PAUD tutors to improve their ability to teach.

3. Ayo Dongeng Indonesia Community:

  • Conduct storytelling workshops for employees, parents and volunteers.
  • Carry out a study tour to the Kite Museum.
  • Invite PAUD tutors to participate in the Indonesian International Fairytale Festival at the National Museum.