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Neocate Spoon

Neocate Spoon is the only hypoallergenic formula with 100% basic amino acids in Indonesia.

Neocate Spoon
  • Neocate Spoon is the only hypoallergenic-Complementary Food, made from 100% amino acids in Indonesia, as a nutritional support for the allergic little one, with a safe intake and helps grow its growth, to be more optimal.
  • Neocate Spoon, without the protein content of cow's milk with a more acceptable flavor and soft texture that is suitable for the introduction of Companion Food.
  • Neocate Spoon is formulated as complementary food-breast milk (ASI), with a specific nutritional profile tailored to the needs of children with cow's milk allergy, enriched with calcium, vitamin D and iron, which is an important micronutient at the beginning of the growth period, especially for children who experience allergies. 
  • Neocate Spoon comes as a complement to a series of allergy care to meet nutrition Nutrition is a safe companion for the little one who has cow milk allergy, food allergies and other clinical conditions that require amino acid formulas as intake with age 6-24 months

*Consult a doctor for handling proper nutrition